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11 Eylül 2021

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In 2009, I had a dream. I dreamed that the art of EBRU would be protected by Unesco Paris, that the art of EBRU would spread to the world, and that EBRU artists would come together one day each year and celebrate the World EBRU Day. I wished that all artists, regardless of religion, language, race, color or culture, would embrace eachother with love and carry out activities together in the name of humanity and art.

My dream came true.The art of EBRU was applauded by 190 countries at UNESCO Paris and became a "Common Heritage of the World" and was taken under protection.

World Ebru Day is a continuation of the UNESCO project, an awareness Project that aims to introduce and spread the art of EBRU to the world.

World Ebru Day is a project where people from different countries, different cultures and different ideas come together for art.

World Ebru Day is a Project that wants the art of EBRU to be a universal art.

Everyyear, I dedicatet he World EBRU Day organization to a beautiful heart or hearts. This year, I dedicate the World EBRU Day to the people who lost their lives due to the pandemic in the world and their relatives.

I would like to thank the artists who celebrate World EBRU Day from all over the world. I hope the pandemic ends, we come together again, hug each other, and celebrate the world EBRU day together.

Happy World Ebru Day.


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